Friday, 15 July 2011

Trip from Newcastle to Glasgow

At the WGCC Yard in Glasgow  hooking on the forklifts bound for Plymouth.

My trip plan boy this is going to be one long haul

Traffic jam the 1st Grey bus stopped he didn't move so i had to call the SOS112 to remove the bus. sorry about the pink and black trailer xfire bug. the game or xfire interferes with each other and makes this black and pink textures

So SOS112 called and well dam road bug  so i had to call them again

So i finally got onto the mother way of M74.
some kind of construction going on

and a few miles down the road i saw a farmer doing some fields

Then i had to take a 45 min rest or a few hours

And then once it became night time it was raining

Then i arrived at the depot  and job done

My next trip is back to new castle with some wall panels i will do that trip some time tonight at around 11pm BST =GMT time.

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