Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Trip from Cambridge to Swansea

I went into the Cambridge Dispatch office and handed in the last trip's paper work. I am now sit waiting for anther dispatch and waiting for my next job

Got the call from the dispatch office am now heading to Swansea with a fuel tanker

leaving the yard

To watch this live tune in now or follow the road trip report later on.

Entering road works near London

Driver having a sleep


Close to the depot now

Inside the yard backing up

Handed in the paper work on time

Little bit of damage no police tickets no crashes . Good run .

Alright folks that was the trip report see ya next time i do a trip which should be soon as keep your eyes peeled. Hope you had fun reading and seeing the screenshots.


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  3. I made a new blog post explaining the game and where you can get it from.

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  6. I posted up a link to where you can get the game. and glad you enjoy reading this blog. This blog is one of a kind you don't see it any where else other then here.