Friday, 29 July 2011

nearly broke my arm

i nearly broke my arm 2 days ago when rushing out of the back room and falling over steps so i wont be able to post trip reports but i am able to broadcast the game.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Here is the game

Keep a DAILY eye out on this blog because as well as doing trip reports i also broadcast this game you can find that at bottom of this page half way down.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Trip from Cardiff to newcastle

Starting with trailer hooked up  leaving Cardiff

Onto the country roads

Country road and Traffice

now am running free

Off the country road onto the M56

Then onto the M6

Then onto A1 and found some bale stacks

Then on the home run to the depot for the drop off.

Hope you enjoy reading this trip. see you on the next trip.

pictures from my last trip

Sorry for not updating the blog in a while but i been very busy.

Trip from Aberdeen to Cardiff

And on the trip i spotted a Train

Coming from the Rest stop

Road works at the rest stop exit 

Hot air balloons

In convoy with another Eddie Stobart truck

There's too many screenshots to carry on with so am going have to stop here.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Trip from Newcastle to Glasgow

At the WGCC Yard in Glasgow  hooking on the forklifts bound for Plymouth.

My trip plan boy this is going to be one long haul

Traffic jam the 1st Grey bus stopped he didn't move so i had to call the SOS112 to remove the bus. sorry about the pink and black trailer xfire bug. the game or xfire interferes with each other and makes this black and pink textures

So SOS112 called and well dam road bug  so i had to call them again

So i finally got onto the mother way of M74.
some kind of construction going on

and a few miles down the road i saw a farmer doing some fields

Then i had to take a 45 min rest or a few hours

And then once it became night time it was raining

Then i arrived at the depot  and job done

My next trip is back to new castle with some wall panels i will do that trip some time tonight at around 11pm BST =GMT time.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

You can now translate my blog to your language

You can now

Translate my blog just click on the flag of your Language .

problem fixed so trip from Swansea to Newcastle

Picking up my next job from posped in Swansea

Heading onto the M4 nice sunny day
Still on the M4 no weather change and barely any traffic so am keeping on time.

Farmer combining his field. 

On the M5 now with construction work at the bridge

few mins later  right turn to Newcastle ( mm i think i missed a few screenshots but i can't find them)

And finally the end of the trip with no damage no tickets and on time

I hope you have a good time reading this trip report. And don't forget if you want to keep up to date on my trips click on follow.

I have a problem with my screenshot taker

The problem is that it's not uploading my screenshot's as it should. I  am in contact with xfire to solve this problem till then i won't be able to do my trip reports. I will only be able to stream them live by the big thing done the bottom of this page.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Been a while since i done a trip but i be doing one in the next few days

so i thought to share you some funny and interesting screenshots

While i was driving around trying to find my next job i came across this bus crash. Now i think it's a bug with the map i don't know. I do know it's very rare to see a crash like that in uk truck sim.

Now this was a bug i called sos to re fill my truck and the truck flipped.


Friday, 8 July 2011

When i was putting my pet dog out last night

When i was putting my dog out last night. I saw a strange UFO and it was going across the sky and  going lower it had some odd lights not like an aeroplane but it was going lower each time and there's no air fields to the way it was going. So where did it land? did it land who knows.

Thunder storms today may effect my trucking

Just to let you all know there's thunder storms around my area it may or may not effect me trucking tonight. Just a head's up.

ToolBar coming soon

A new feature is coming you to all soon. Like useing tool bars to keep track on this site? Well i have currently made one for  YOU the blog reader's.

It will have
Facebook link
ebay link
privacy tools
email notified

And maybe more coming soon i don't know. But if you install this toolbar i would like feedback on it please. (link coming soon)

dispatch request forfilled Furniture bound for Swansea.

I requested anther dispatch a few minutes ago and tomorrow at around 11pm  again i be doing a trip with
Furniture bound for Swansea.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

London to Southampton Trip report

Anther new day for I the virtual trucker.

Loaded at the posped yard ready to leave for Southampton at 11.02pm.

Leaving london  entering the A3 and the road works yet again i think they be there quite a while.

I have no clue on why this text has now gone to center mode LOL.

Leaving the A3 entering the   M3 to Southampton no trouble on the roads so far clear traffic.


The text has now gone back to the left. Entering the yard and unloading i am a bit on the right side there backing up tonight wasn't 100%.


Well that's the load dropped off it was late by a few mins but they was still open no damaged flour.  Dropped it off before the driver got tired and dozed off causing the game screen to go black and luckily i didn't have the red fuel light turn on to lol.

Well i hoped you got to watch it on the live stream and hope you enjoy reading the trip report till next time have fun. Don't forget we have other feature's on this blog like the Amazon shop  and advertising jobs.

John thank you for the nice comment

The game is called uk truck simulator. current you can get it from amazon.

Trip from london to Southampton tonight at 11 BST

I be taking some flour to Southampton Tonight around 11pm BST so feel free to tune in by the live stream or follow up by reading the trip report what be published a few hours later.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Trip from Cambridge to Swansea

I went into the Cambridge Dispatch office and handed in the last trip's paper work. I am now sit waiting for anther dispatch and waiting for my next job

Got the call from the dispatch office am now heading to Swansea with a fuel tanker

leaving the yard

To watch this live tune in now or follow the road trip report later on.

Entering road works near London

Driver having a sleep


Close to the depot now

Inside the yard backing up

Handed in the paper work on time

Little bit of damage no police tickets no crashes . Good run .

Alright folks that was the trip report see ya next time i do a trip which should be soon as keep your eyes peeled. Hope you had fun reading and seeing the screenshots.

At the bottom of this page

I have Added an online video game store This is one of the many feature's to come. I have great plans for this blog. I hope to get all of the features in this blog working to.

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog it's newly started and am new to blogging so please bare with me thank you.