Tuesday, 27 December 2011

mine and matts job board got a new domain name

mine and matts job board got a new domain name

it's now called Find Me Employment


We also have new features and a new template.

Monday, 26 December 2011

SCS Software's blog: Country-specific Stuff

SCS Software's blog: Country-specific Stuff: A little feature which was completed just this last week is support for country-specific license plates. Combined with generating the mix of...

Merry xmas everyone

merry xmas everyone sorry it's a day late but i didn't have my pc on yesterday

Thursday, 22 December 2011

SCS Software's blog: Merry Christmas!

SCS Software's blog: Merry Christmas!: That special time of the year is almost here, and we wanted to thank you for your kind support! Our blog is now read by over 10,000 peopl...

SCS Software's blog: Truck Sound Recording

SCS Software's blog: Truck Sound Recording: Today we have something different to show you... a short "making of" kind of video created by our friends from Silent Noise , who are helpin...

Sorry for the lack of updates busy xmas so far. looking for more twitter followers

Hello all am looking for more twitter people to follow me please

my profile so u can find me easy http://twitter.com/#!/WNxbadboy3

Friday, 16 December 2011

SCS Software's blog: Mirror Mirror Who Is The Most Beautiful Trucker Of...

SCS Software's blog: Mirror Mirror Who Is The Most Beautiful Trucker Of...: We are now revisiting the rear view mirror functionality in Euro Truck Simulator 2, and we thought it is time to share the progress with you...

blog live chat support

I now have a blog support live chat system finaly found a free and good one. so if you need any support or any questions don't be shy to click on live support chat.

cooker update again

We rang the company up again and they said because we got one working oven they won't come out to repair the cooker till the 30th!, so we will have to use the slower oven to cook our xmas dinner (.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

update on the cooker

We found out that the oven tripped the electic and that's why the cooker wasn't working. but that was a simple fix so today we was going brown some bread buns for burgers but we put the oven on and the fan was working. But when we went to put the bread buns in the oven was blowing cold air into the oven so there was no heat!. so we rank the insurance place up and the insurance payment didn't go though so we had to do it all over again. So now we have to wait till 12pm uk time to ring them up get this code to ring this master place up so we can get the cooker repaired! what a day me and my mum are having!.


Virtual trucking company i am working for this winter

It's called virtual carilie transport systems and every winter we do a dash for the cash season just like the real tv show. That video intro was just the start. The next episode is next wednesday so stay tuned.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Bloody cooker gone! no cooker

We rang North lics homes and they said they would come out in 24 hours!. The electic side of the cooker/ switch on the wall has gone. in middle of cooking. I think its the wireing cause we had a re wire recently. Dam cowboys! next time the homes want wireing north lics homes get quified people not cowboys!.

Current leader board of the virtual dash for the cash

Troy Lester- 2
Tristan Bendal- 14
Bandit- 19
Rogue Leader- 0
Sparky- 0
Jaylen- 17
Catsmotor- 0
Country Boy- 0
Rex- 0
Polarbear- 0
El Dalton- 0
Smurff- 0
Codeman- 2
Leveall- 18
Austin Jackson- 0
Roboto- 3
Jaden- 13
Mado Yagh - 0

My name on that leaderboard is bandit188 so am currently 1st place and plan on keeping it that way.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Adspace is still up for sell on the jobs site


All you have to do is copy and paste the site into your browser and then click on the blue banner to buy the AD space. so it's up there for grabs. and everyone can get there chance for the space because the ad runs for 7 days ( a WEEK)for $15 the cheapest selling ad space on there for 7 days.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

SCS Software's blog: Trip to Austria

SCS Software's blog: Trip to Austria: The ETS2 map is almost completely populated with road signs now. During the testing of a particular area of the Euro Truck Simulator 2 world...

Friday, 9 December 2011

SCS Software's blog: Trip to Austria

SCS Software's blog: Trip to Austria: The ETS2 map is almost completely populated with road signs now. During the testing of a particular area of the Euro Truck Simulator 2 world...

Thursday, 8 December 2011

job site back online


If your a job seeker looking for work or a company owner looking to post your jobs for FREE you have come to the right place so why not post a job for free as times are hard today.

We offer
24/7 service and support
Free job postings
Free looking for jobs

So it costs you nothing at all.

petition to SCS software please sign


Please sign this petition if you want me to send this to scs software asking them to finally make mutli player for their truck games.

couple of days ago

My dog bandit kept going to the loo every 5 seconds I thought this isn't right so my mum went out with a tray to catch a bit of his pee to check it. There was BLOOD in it. My mum panicked and rang the vets up to book and app to see the vet. The vet told her to collect as much water samples as we could get and it turned out it's a water infection and we also found out his going blind in both of his eyes. His currently got a 7 day course of anti batoctics to see if it clears the water infection up and so far we think it is cause his nearly back to been his old self where his got lots of energy he goes back to the vets in ten days time for a check up.

Saturday, 3 December 2011


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Calling all Alaskan people

Calling all Alaskan people. If you live 25 miles away from the haul road or fairbanks
could you vist this website called gobaltuners http://www.globaltuners.com/home.php and could you put your CB radio up there please so others can hear it thank you.

It be nice to hear alaskan truckers.

and these are about how to http://www.globaltuners.com/wiki/

website http://www.globaltuners.com/home.php

Thank you and i hope someout out there in fairbanks could do this.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

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