Friday, 4 January 2013


Nova-Logistics is a brand new Virtual Trucking Company for ETS2 drivers, the company system allows you to continue your usual game in ETS2 so you don't have to start a new game profile. When you play ETS2 the only difference is the Nova-Logistics site picks your jobs and when you complete the job you go back to the site and enter some basic details and from the details provided you are awarded points associated with skill levels similar to the game system and these points go toward your overall level within the company.

As a driver for Nova-Logistics you must be an owner operator and have your own truck, to be issued with work you visit the Dispatch page on the Nova-Logistics site where you fill in a form with 3 jobs from your current location in-game. When you submit the form, one of the 3 jobs is chosen and assigned to you which you then must complete in game. On completion of the job you return to the site and on the Current Job page and fill in the mileage, damage percentage and hours late if the job is an urgent delivery. You are then awarded points and bonuses under several categories. It can be done as an agency driver but you must remember to only choose jobs from your current location.

Points are awarded for mileage, and percentage of mileage multiplied by your company level and also for various skill levels. These points are then totaled count toward your overall company level, and the higher your level the more points you earn.

Nova-Logistics is not a forum based VTC as others, it's a custom built site which will be developed over time as we get feedback and suggestions from it's users. Unlike the forum based VTC's there is no waiting around to be assigned jobs, once you submit the job request form on the dispatch page you are instantly issued a job which you can then go and do. There is still a requirement to screen shot your job completion screen but you only keep these saved with the job number and if asked for proof of a delivery you will then be required to provide the screen shot.

If you have any comments or suggestions please  contact them on the website

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