Thursday, 7 July 2011

London to Southampton Trip report

Anther new day for I the virtual trucker.

Loaded at the posped yard ready to leave for Southampton at 11.02pm.

Leaving london  entering the A3 and the road works yet again i think they be there quite a while.

I have no clue on why this text has now gone to center mode LOL.

Leaving the A3 entering the   M3 to Southampton no trouble on the roads so far clear traffic.


The text has now gone back to the left. Entering the yard and unloading i am a bit on the right side there backing up tonight wasn't 100%.


Well that's the load dropped off it was late by a few mins but they was still open no damaged flour.  Dropped it off before the driver got tired and dozed off causing the game screen to go black and luckily i didn't have the red fuel light turn on to lol.

Well i hoped you got to watch it on the live stream and hope you enjoy reading the trip report till next time have fun. Don't forget we have other feature's on this blog like the Amazon shop  and advertising jobs.

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