Saturday, 7 July 2012

Simtrucking is a dedicated software system for players of trucking simulators. It creates a virtual world for trucking companies, owner operators, and drivers. Company stock can be traded on our virtual stock market, trucks can be bought and sold, companies can hire company drivers from the driver pool, or owner operators to move their freight.

Virtual Drivers

Want to join our network as a virtual driver and get hired by one of our virtual trucking companies? Signing up is free for everyone and no cost at all for being a company driver. You can post your desired type of position and get hired by any one of our virtual trucking companies. Multiple job offers should come your way with varying rewards and benefits, sign up bonuses, safe driving incentives and more. Apply to the virtual trucking company best suited to you. Think you want more after a while of the driver scene, upgrade to an owner operator account.

Virtual Owner Operators

The Simtrucking network also supports owner operators, a driver can upgrade his account for a small fee and become an owner operator available for hire by any of our virtual trucking companies. Buy and sell your own trucks, real estate, and more. Get to a point that you want to move up and start your own virtual trucking company, just upgrade to that account type and all your data and financials comes with you. Tired of the self employed scene, then sell your truck and become a company driver, again with all your historical financial and driver log information moving with you.

Virtual Fleet Owners

Virtual CEO's

Want to run your own virtual trucking company? - offers the most comprehensive virtual trucking company management system software package, and virtual stock market available. We offer everything you need to start your own virtual trucking company; software, hosting, and support, all in one place, all at a reasonable cost. Our system is based on realistic economic factors that are detailed, thorough, and challenging for even the most experienced virtual CEO.

As the CEO of your virtual trucking company, you make the decisions! You can choose what rates to charge your freight customers, what equipment you want to use, what loads to dispatch, and what agreements you want to make with other virtual trucking companies. The success of your virtual trucking company depends on your actions.

Virtual Stock Market

With our trip log system you will be able to compete with other virtual trucking companies and drivers in our exclusive virtual trucking stock market. Virtual companies will also be able to buy and sell the stocks of other virtual trucking companies based at Simtrucking.

Join Simtrucking Today

You can be a part of, all it takes is a few moments to register and join. Once you do, prepare to learn and be rewarded with friendships that we hope will span the globe. So why not head over to the registration page and sign up? It is free of charge to sign up.


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