Thursday, 9 February 2012

Farming simulator 2011 farm manager

Farming manager is a tool what can be used on farming simulator.
farm manager was made by a user called ian (not the game company)

It has
1.main menu
where you can find about farm manger
farm's online page where you can find out what farms are online
and the Agency where you can apply for jobs and hire workers

2. Farmer menu
mange farm
staff management
add a new farm
edit manager
and a log out for farmers

3. worker menu
My CV / Resume
log out for workers

then there's the user menu
where you can log out of the whole site and change your account settings


So there's a lot of thing's you can do on farm manager and it helps you organize your farm more. I use it as a worker and Highly recommend it for farm simulator 2011 users.

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