Saturday, 29 October 2011

Went to a weeding 2 days ago and got a surpise

No i didn't get married i don't even had a GF to get married to. anyway the wedding was nice and back at the hotel where the food was i went walking outside for some fresh air. and i noticed a big truck parked on the side of the road it did say wedding at the back of it and shows and proms cause it's a hire able truck. So i watched it for a few mins then it moved forward and backed into the car park outside the hotel. so when it finished backing up i went to it and asked the driver if i could have a look inside it and he said yes so i sat on the driver's side and the passengers side. and wow it's different to our eu trucks surprised how long the trucks nose was and i was like mmm god knows how usa driver's drive with a long nose like that. so we got chatting and he told me i could go with him on weekends to have a ride out along with my mum so i may soon be having a weekend out in a usa truck!.

Here's there website

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